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Within the design of all new games the smallest of details are considered and taken care of and by incorporating this philosophy
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Elaut celebrate their 55th year in the Amusement industry

In 1959 a young engineer named Achiel Verstraeten, would repair Radios, Amplifiers and Televisions in a small shop in Belgium. Not long after starting his career, did he meet what was known in the early years as “Traveling Showmen”. Almost immediately the mobile carnival people began looking to him for his expertise repairing bumper cars. With that knowledge and a new found love, he went on to develop the first automatic coin mechanism system for operating bumper cars and established Elaut as his company.

For the first seven years of its existence, Elaut concentrated on its bumper car business, with the majority of the work centering on the company’s newly developed automatic coin mechanisms and other electro-mechanical inventions. By 1966, the lucrative returns from Achiel’s bumper car business were beginning to pay off. More importantly for the future of the company, he was also developing prototype models of what was eventually to become the electronic amusement crane of today.

1978 was clearly a milestone year for Elaut, the company produced its first free standing Good Luck crane. The model gained popularity in a big way and was so successful that Achiel stopped all other production to concentrate on the Good Luck crane. The substantial profits yielded by the Good Luck crane were to eventually pave the way for Achiel to plan his next project; exporting Elaut products to the USA! But schemes of this magnitude can never succeed without the benefit of considerable planning and effort, and it was not until the early ‘80s that Elaut finally made its move. This actually proved to be the ideal time to enter the marketplace. The amusement sector was booming, presenting Elaut with the perfect opportunity for further success.

In the mids 80’s, Achiel, now with the help of his son Eric and his daughters Helga and Emmy, began manufacturing a full line of “Big Choice Cranes” including glitzy jewelry models and the “Top Choice” cranes. Later years produced many different series of cranes including Mr. Claw, Mega, Giga, EX-1 Wizard of Oz and Mistral. Today, 55 years later. The Verstraetan family continues to build the industry’s leading EClaw cranes and redemption games at its facilities in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. The Verstraeten’s attribute their continued success to their dedication to the amusement industry and their excellent relationships with distributors and customers worldwide.





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