Our history

Achiel Verstraeten was the first in 1959 to use a crane mechanism with three motors on an independent carriage. Over the years, cranes have been the most successful item in the redemption business.

By listening to its clients all over the world, through its distributor network, Elaut rapidly expanded its operations by improving its quality, using innovative techniques. Elaut cranes have always been known for their top quality and earning the highest income.

In 1997 Elaut entered the gaming markets in Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic and the Far East by developing the most successful dice game ever built; "Victory". In 2003, the Classic Roulette was born and has become the corner stone of the gaming department.

From 2004 until 2009, through acquisitions and start up's, Elaut has become an international company with subsidiaries in the USA & Germany.

Our mission

Elaut is always looking for the greatest satisfaction from the Player, Operator and the Distributor/Manufacturer.

Within the design of all new games the smallest of details are considered and taken care of and by incorporating this philosophy into all our products; top quality has been achieved, while bringing pleasure to everybody involved with the product!